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Afro-American Woman on bacl background benefits of skinimalism

Benefits of skinimalism (from my experience)

I don’t know how to put this but skinimalism is kind of a big deal. If you are intrigued by the concept of a shorter but effective skincare routine (aka skinimalism) you probably searched through Google and found beauty brands offering skincare solutions to those overwhelmed with a 10-step skincare routine. You might have as well stumbled upon beauty bloggers explaining the phenomenon of skinimalism and its benefits. One of the most frequently mentioned benefits is the ability to precisely target your skin concerns and time-saving factor (hurray us lazy and tired ladies who still want nice skin, but no energy to stand in front of the mirror!).

Being a skinimalist does not mean that you must #Konmari your whole skincare stash. Yes, you do use approx. 3 beauty products, but you can switch them depending on the time of the month, season, or particular health issues. I suffer from rosacea so, in theory, I should use anti-redness cosmetics all year round. But I don’t. In the summertime, miraculously my skin becomes rosacea-free and all I need is a good light moisturizer and sunscreen. Winter is a different story as I look like Christmas Gnome with red cheeks 90% of the time so I stock up on my beauty holy grails for rosacea.

As for saving time while being a skinimalist… in this aspect skinimalism chose me, because as a Mom of a 2-year-old toddler I seriously don’t have the energy to stand in front of the mirror in the evening and to apply another layer of beauty product. I need something that’s highly efficient and that won’t take me more than 5-7 minutes to apply. And that’s where skinimalism comes in handy.

This article is about the benefits of skinimalism, and as much as I identify with the 2 benefits I described above, to me skinimalism has a little bit deeper meaning. It will sound cliché, but here…I’m going to say it: Skinimalism holds me in boundaries.

Huh? Yes, you read it right: it holds me in boundaries.

Recently I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD. In short, no fun at all. You are not able to concentrate on one task, your thoughts are on some crazy train that doesn’t stop and you end up with 10 ideas per minute. My biggest problem as a person suffering from ADHD was compulsive eating and buying. Compulsive eating is self-explanatory, but the buying part… up to this day I have no idea what was happening to me. I don’t remember what I was buying (I did not need all the items I got), but I initiated the purchase process just for the “swipe the card” feeling. Crazy, right? That way I ended up with a lot of unnecessary household items, clothes, and yes – skincare.

Once I reached out for help and received the much-needed medication, I was able to focus on my wellness. I focused on reading books instead of sitting glued to my phone and I found a lot of inspiration in minimalism. I donated a lot of items from my house, which led me to tackle my skincare pile. I learned about skinimalism, which helped me decide which beauty products should stay and which ones should I donate/throw out. The whole process taught me to make much more intentional purchases and to ask questions before I decide to hit the “Complete your order” button. Within weeks, there were packages with skincare on my doormat, which gave me some sort of relief. I felt I finally had this under control.

And this is how skinimalism holds me in boundaries. Together with proper medication, it helps me control my compulsive buying addiction, which is the biggest benefit for me.

If you are a skinimalist too, feel free to share how skinimalism benefits your life!



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