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Woman looking through binoculars pointing finger pink hat teal top tshirt skincare 2022 trends predictions

Clean Beauty Spot Skincare 2022 Trends Predictions

Regardless of which zodiac sign you are, the 2022 skincare trends predictions are something all of us skincare junkies crave for. Based on countless hours spent searching online and digging through wholesalers, skincare freelancers curating their own beauty lines, and even reddit beauty groups, I can safely say: the new normal is coming.


Next to T-zone (= part of your face that includes forehead, nose, and chin), we will have new types of zones. The skin will be classified accordingly to skin concerns, using the following names:

T-zone - forehead, nose, and chin.

O-zone – to put in the simplest way, it’s a maskne area on your face where acne appears as a result of wearing a face mask.

U-zone – acne on cheeks, jawline, and chin. Very often it’s a dry skin.

N-zone - lip area.

When you combine the capital letters of the names of skin zones and add 28 (28 indicates the cycle of skin cells), you will come up with TOUN28 – an innovative K-beauty brand which addresses skin issues according to those areas. The philosophy behind the brand is to create skincare products that are safe for the animals, environment,and are made with natural and organic ingredients. All of that packed in sustainable/zero waste packaging. But wait, there is a cherry on top of that cake: they are registered with Vegan Society – one of the oldest active vegan organization globally. Cool right? The company takes one step ahead and speaks openly about their work ethics. The employees of TOUN28 must comply with the company’s vision of saving the planet. According to the information on company’s website, bringing drinks in plastic cups is strictly banned.


The pattern that I noticed recently relates to sustainability in all its aspects. In 2022 we will be looking for more clean cosmetics that are vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. Sustainable packaging, simple ingredients, and waterless products (e.g. shampoo bars) are what skincare brands will be focused on.

In the world of K-beauty, we will see more of cleansing bars, which will be much more concentrated (=more effective), due to the pressure of not using water for manufacturing new beauty products. The brands themselves will become more transparent about their manufacturing process and work ethics. If we were to draw a perfect vision for 2022, each product marked as “sustainable” would have a product cost breakdown in their description to show the potential customer how much the company spent on the packaging, on products, wages, etc., but that is a little bit of a utopian vision.



Analogically to skincare routine, 2022 will bring a new concept of hair routine. After almost 2 years of working from home and wearing a bun, we will focus more on scalp care with the new products helping us bring vitality back to our hair. Except for shampoos and conditioners, the industry will be slowly introducing rinses, hair treatments, and sustainable masks, and vinegar will become your holy grail ingredient. Vinegar rinse will help strengthen hair and improve luster by lowering hair and scalp pH. Our recommendation for building a healthy hair routine, is to use A’pieu Hair Vinegar Treatment – its raspberry scent will keep the vinegar aroma away, so it’s absolutely safe to use :)

We hope we inspired you to dive deeper into the world of skincare. The best thing about it, is that there is always a new trend to learn about and experience. We are so thrilled to share this journey with you and will continue to connect with you through the latest trends in skincare and beauty.



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