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Gift Ideas for Galentine's Day

Gift Ideas for Galentine's Day

A couple of years ago, I left Valentine’s Day club and joined the one for celebrating friendship on February 13th. Galentine’s Day, the holiday celebrating the appreciation for your friendship, seems to have much more meaning to me especially after all the lockdowns when we didn’t get a chance to see our friends as often as we wished. For those wondering what a married woman is doing on February 14th : without even a drop of shame I am having a glass of wine, and I binge-watch The Bridget Jones Diary in her bunny outfit at the Tarts and Vicars Party, while my husband is going through his FB, IG, etc. I guess we found our Paradise. I am not sure what about my toddler – she never watched Bridget so we may end up with her begging us to turn the Disney+ for her, while I switch to watching a movie on my phone. Time will show.  

Since I am more fixated on the idea of appreciating our friends, I thought it would be a good idea to drop a few tips for cool gifts. I will link all the recommended products, but please note, that these are NOT the affiliated links – I do not make any money when you click on them (only when you click on items from my store), so I suppose we may treat it as my gift to you for GD.

For Skincare Addicts

1. Non-Toxic + Vegan Nail Polish in 03 Belle Époque

2. Slow North Beetroot + Turmeric Clay Mask

3. AROMATICA Circulating Body Oil Juniper Berry and Ginger

For Eco Friends

1. Zero Waste Dish Brush Kit

2. Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup- Desert Blush

3. French Market Tote Bag

For Gym Gals

1. Soma V2 17 oz. Glass Water Bottle

2. SLOW NORTH Neck Wrap Therapy Pack - Pink Pampas


For Foodies

1. "That Sounds So Good" Cookbook

2. Molcajete 4"

3. Williams Sonoma Baking Mix in a Jar, Fudge Brownie

For Those WFH

1. House Delivered Plants by The Sill

2. Marie Kondo Kocha Brown Shoji Bamboo Magazine File

3. Fortnum & Mason British Tea, Royal Blend, 250g Loose English Tea in a Gift Tin Caddy

For Pet Lovers

1. Rescued Dog Hoodie

2. Plush & Squeaky Dog Toys

3. Upcycled Core Cotton Rope Dog Leash - Black

For Those Stressed Ones

1. SLOW NORTH Eye Mask Therapy Pack - Rainbow Hill

2. DAME PRODUCTS Eva Hands-Free Vibe - Quartz

Till next time!


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