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Skincare and Lifestyle New Year’s Goals (Not Resolutions!)

So long 2021. Time for new resolut…NOPE! No resolutions this time. I am absolutely hyped by my recent read “Atomic Habits” by James Clear and as a result, in 2022 I have a goal to learn new lifestyle and skincare habits.

For those who didn’t have a chance to dive into “Atomic Habits” let me give you a short summary: everyone can form or learn how to acquire a habit. All you must do is follow the 4 laws of habits (details to be found in the book) and understand that by doing relatively small (=atomic) changes in your life you can acquire healthy habits.

This is how it works:

If you want to start working out - get your workout clothes ready the night before.

If you want to start journaling in the morning - get the journal out next to your bed together with your pen.

If you want to read more books - put the book you want to read on your pillow so that it’s waiting for you in the evening.  

And so on.

So here we go: this is my ultimate list of skincare/lifestyle goals and how I will arrange my environment to be successful:


I am a skinimalist, but I am also a mom who is very often tired. So, there are days when I do my AM and PM skincare routine, but sometimes I just do the PM. For this reason, I got myself a nice beauty display where I will put out all the essentials, I need for both routines. That way, when I see the products standing on my vanity (not hidden in the medicine cabinet), I will not skip my routine.


The number of books I HAVEN’T read last year scares me so much (plus I miss the feeling of being cozy wrapped in a blanket sipping hot tea) that I stocked up on all the books I want to read, and I keep them next to my bed in the order I want to read them in. Every night I will read a chapter, which is not something impossible to do when most of the chapters are 3-5 pages long.


In order not to make it sound like a resolution, I already made the appointments for my 2022 annual exams in December 2021. I know, it may sound crazy, but when life gets in the way, it’s so easy to forget about seeing a doctor. (Thank you Beata for inspo!)


My Christmas gift is on its way and this year I am gifting myself with sustainable swaps of all my toiletries. The reason why I set the deadline for June 2022 is that I am still using some of the non-sustainable products and I don’t want to get rid of them completely before they are empty.


I am an introvert, who fears human interaction even on social media. If you add the fact that I am the owner of an online shop who runs a social media account on IG and basically MUST talk to people to draw their attention to the store….You may come up with the assumption that social media engagement is not something I am good at. I am fully aware of it and thanks to “Atomic Habits”, I learned how to work on it: PAPERCLIPS. On my desk, I have 2 small containers. One of them has 25 paper clips, the other one stands empty. Every single time I interact with a follower, I move the paper clip to the empty container. My goal is to have 25 interactions per day. I know it sounds crazy but trust me on this one: there is nothing more satisfying than seeing those 25 clips in the right-side container.

And that’s about it. I am not sure if you got the feeling that the list is not actually a resolutions to-do list, but more like an action plan for 2022. I am only human and yes, it is possible that this list will change. But what will not change is my main goal for this year: to learn how to form habits. Regardless of what they are, if they lead me to a spot where I learn something new about myself, it’s definitely worth trying. Ok, I feel pretty sleepy and it’s almost midnight here.  



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