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Girl sitting on the rock cut skincare routine skinimalism 3 steps what happens

I cut my skincare routine to 3 steps and this is what happened.

Hello, my name is Agnes and I am a skincare junkie.

I love searching for all the skincare goods, I love opening, smelling and testing new creams, and taking before and after photos to see if the product works is like my second job.

During pregnancy my skin started to act out so my first thought was to buy even more skincare. For 9 months serums, toners, cleansers, essences, ampoules and whatever else you may think of occupied the 2 shelves in my bathroom giving me hope every single day that I will keep the pre-pregnancy skin glow forever. During that skincare hoarder episode, I discovered Korean Skincare products, which in all seriousness turned out to be my skin’s holy grail. I have never used cosmetics that would be so effective and that would have such great ingredients! After pregnancy I religiously followed the famous 10 step Korean Skincare Routine and I listened to all the skincare gurus. But the bigger my baby got, the more tired I became and the less time for skincare I had. Suddenly 10 steps became 7, 7 skincare steps turned into 5…and you know the rest.

I did all the possible guilt trips for not doing enough for my skin and to make things even funnier, as a multi-tasking Mom I decided to split the 10 steps into 3 routines per day. Yes. 5 cosmetics in the morning, then the next 5 in the afternoon and the last 5 in the evening. I’ve tried almost everything, from the most basic to the highest end. But suddenly, I noticed my skin got used to all the magical ingredients and realized they could not hide my rosacea, enlarged pores, breakouts, and redness anymore. So as a typical Millennial Mom, I asked Google. And Google advised to search for SKINIMALISM.

Skinimalism – a coin of “skin” and “minimalism” became my new Holy Grail. No, I did not #KonMari all of my skincare products - I simply decided to listen to my skin. Skinimalism is all about limiting your skincare routine to 3 products while using highly effective and high-quality products. For the first few days, it felt like I was starting all over again – something that was not looking good on my already dwindling self-confidence. However, I decided to focus on my biggest skin concerns which are rosacea, redness and dehydration and I chose the best products from my hoarder’s stash: balm cleanser, serum, and moisturizer.

Balm Cleanser, also known as oil cleanser, helps me with removing make up and dirt without leaving my skin dry and tight. My absolute go-to is the famous Heimish All Clean Balm which has a perfect milky texture once applied to your face. It’s a great alternative to double cleansing for those with sensitive that doesn’t like too much product on. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love double cleansing, but my skin doesn’t. The older I get, it almost feels like my skin was screaming: AGNES: LESS IS MORE!

As for serum, this is where it gets complicated. I have 3 different serums. One is for rosacea, the other one is for hydrating, and the 3rd one helps me build a barrier for my skin during wintertime. What I do is I simply switch between them depending on what is going on with my face at the moment. As we are approaching colder temperatures, I focus on Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum. The included propolis and niacinamide help protect the skin and reduce inflammation, redness, and even acne!

The last step is a moisturizer. Here I was trying to find a solution with the product that would help me lock the moisture and protect my skin from the UV rays. I took a risk and chose the sun stick instead of a traditional cream. Since I fall into fair skin group and my skin is extremely sun sensitive, my choice fell on The Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Sun Stick. Its biggest pro is that it does 2-in-1: the hyaluronic acid alleviates the dry skin while the sunscreen builds a shield for UV rays. I was really surprised to see that it is shaped in a different way than a regular sun stick: its droplet shape allows me to apply the product evenly on my whole face. And the biggest winner: no white cast. Yup. I can reapply it a few times a day without worrying if I already look as if I got hit with a snowball.

And this is how I started to get my pre-pregnancy glow back. The redness disappeared and my skin feels super duper moisturized. Plus, I do not do anymore of the guilt trips of how little time I have for my self-care, because my whole routine takes me approximately 5-7 minutes. As I am into my 30s, my skin prefers the “less is more” approach and to be honest – I don’t mind. I was not at all prepared to say goodbye to my favorite cleansers, toners, essence and treatments that I’ve been using all this time, but it is definitely worth trying.

Note to self? As much as I love being a skincare junkie and I love everything about K-Beauty, I am entering the phase in my life where skinimalism makes more sense for my skin. I don’t need to use everything. I need to listen to my skin, choose the best products and stick with them!



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