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TOUN28 is an innovative K-beauty brand that addresses skin issues according to the following skin areas:
T-zone - forehead, nose, and chin.
O-zone – to put in the simplest way, it’s a maskne area on your face where acne appears as a result of wearing a face mask.
U-zone – acne on cheeks, jawline, and chin. Very often it’s a dry skin.
N-zone - lip area.
The philosophy behind the brand is to create skincare products that are safe for animals, the environment, and are made with natural and organic ingredients. TOUN28 believes that we should adjust our skincare routine every 28 days to suit seasonal changes and the skin's natural renewal cycle. Trusting that the best products are simply made using only the best materials, the brand allocates 90% of production costs to ingredients and only 10% to packaging. It also replaces plastic containers with self-developed, 100% biodegradable paper packaging. 

They are registered with Vegan Society – one of the oldest active vegan organization globally. The company takes one step ahead and speaks openly about its work ethics. The employees of TOUN28 must comply with the company’s vision of saving the planet. According to the information on the company’s website, bringing drinks in plastic cups is strictly banned.
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