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Helping you in swapping to clean beauty is our specialty. 

While the beauty industry claims to be fully clean, we go an extra length to find the best cosmetics that are safe for you and the environment. 

No, we do not stock every product that is popular on IG. In fact,
you may find here a lot of brands that you have never heard about before. That's because we choose to analyze and test all the products added to our store. We choose to learn the brands' stories to find out if they follow the work ethics or if their employees have equal work opportunities. And sometimes, it turns out that the big names in the beauty world do not follow the clean beauty code.  

For this reason, we choose to support small business brands that create small-batch genuine products with respect to you as a customer and the planet. We will always support those brands that are women-owned, BIPOC, and AAPI. We believe in giving you a choice of cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics. 

We stock skincare and makeup products from K-Beauty, the US, and Europe. We dig through warehouses and wholesalers to find those few special brands that will make your skincare routine much more fun to use!

We are your new clean spot on the map of the clean beauty industry.