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[AROMATICA] Wooden Dolphin Face & Body Massage Tool
[AROMATICA] Wooden Dolphin Face & Body Massage Tool

[AROMATICA] Wooden Dolphin Face & Body Massage Tool


Product description


Face & body massager from Aromatica will help promote a more defined face and body as well as help you with lumped muscles, lymph circulation, and waste discharge. It's an amazing tool that can help you promote metabolism and help release waste, making the skin more elastic. It also helps keep your body healthy from external viruses through circulation and purification of bodily fluids when used under the armpits, neck, and groin where lymph nodes are found.


Experience maximized aromatherapy by stimulating the skin and muscles of each area along with facial oil and body oil. Apply enough body oil to the desired area, massage, and gently rub with a massager. After use, wipe the massager with a dry cloth and keep it away from water.


Bosnian Beech Wood, Natural Walnut Oil (Coating Agent)

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