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[Dr Bio] Konjac Jelly Drink
[Dr Bio] Konjac Jelly Drink
[Dr Bio] Konjac Jelly Drink
[Dr Bio] Konjac Jelly Drink

[Dr Bio] Konjac Jelly Drink

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Product description

This delicious low-calorie & high in fiber konjac jelly is perfect for a guilt-free midnight snack, for those who need calorie control, and for those who want to enjoy healthy sweets. This can be a perfect dessert after every meal too!

PRO TIP: add it to your iced tea to make it taste like bubble tea :)

Konjac has lots of dietary fiber and low calories. The dietary fiber from the corm of konjac is used as a component of weight loss supplements. It has a jelly texture and it makes you feel full easily.

It consists of Erythritol instead of sugar - it does not affect blood sugar or cause tooth decay.

Store in the refrigerator for cooling.

Shake and squeeze the jelly pack


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