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[BAIMS Natural Makeup] PI50 Mini Angled Kabuki


Product description

Mini Kabuki with angled shape bristles has been carefully designed to easily spread and buff liquid or cream concealer. It’s also ideal to cover blemishes, pimples, and dark areas.


Load up your brush, then apply concealer to the areas of the face that you want to disguise, such as dullness under the eyes, around the nose, on blemishes, or around the lip line.


Handy for applying highlighter in strategic points and if you use one color eyeshadow in “all over lids” application.


Wash them in lukewarm water but never hot water with a neutral and fragrance-free soap, wash the bristles up to the ferrule (metal part).

Gently squeeze the bristles from the ferrule edge outwards with your fingers to remove makeup from the brush, then rinse the bristles thoroughly.

Once rinsed, gently flick the water out, wrap in kitchen roll and lightly squeeze. To increase the lifespan of your brushes, you also need to keep the ferrule (the piece of metal at the base of the brush) dry at all times. Wetting the ferrule can mean that the bristles are loosened from the glue, resulting in shedding. To avoid water seeping into the brushes while drying, lay them on a towel with one end rolled up, lifting the handles and leaving the bristles pointing downwards.

IMPORTANT: Avoid cleaning the brush with a cleanser containing alcoholic solvent, except on occasions where you need to dry it quickly. Alcoholic solvent may damage synthetic hairs, causing them to shed.

Don’t use any fabric softener or hair conditioner because this could impair the bristles ability to hold powder.

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