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[PYUNKANG YUL] 1/3 Cotton Pad 160pcs
A photo of the box with 1/3 cotton pads from Pyunkang Yum - Korean brand that sells cotton pads. They do not absorb the product and the pads are perfect for applying toner lint free. It's a blue and white box.
[PYUNKANG YUL] 1/3 Cotton Pad 160pcs

[PYUNKANG YUL] 1/3 Cotton Pad 160pcs


Product description

The [PYUNKANG YUL] 1/3 cotton pad is an eco-friendly skincare tool created by Pyunkang Yul. The cotton pads are lint-free and will not absorb too much skincare product, helping you to minimize wastefulness. These soft face pads are made out of thin, but highly absorbent sponge pulp, making them suitable for all skin types. They can be used to apply toner, essence, cleanser, and other skincare products to the skin.


These cleansing Pads dissolve makeup without any risk of irritation. 
Crafted with woven structure and material (pulp + rayon blend), these are also excellent for making your own sheet mask at home. 


After washing face, dispense a small amount of skincare onto a cotton pad.
Gently wipe onto your face. Or apply skincare contents to cotton pads and use it like mask sheets.


Pulp Rayon blend

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