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[SMILE MAKERS] The Frenchman


Product description

Did you know the clitoris embeds 8,000 nerve endings, making it super sensitive? This delicate oral sex toy mimics the gentle touch you get from a tongue on your pleasure spots. Ideally combine it with a lubricant for an even more realistic experience.


Made from silicone.

Experiment with 4 different speeds and 2 pulsation modes.

Vibrations are super silent.

100% waterproof.

Battery powered (requires AAA)


Add a light lubricant to the tip of the device, and use the flat side to stroke the clitoris and labia. You can experiment with different speeds and pulsation modes to find the perfect stimulation for you.

Take time to explore your erogenous zones, moving from your neck, breasts, to your inner thigh and then build up the sensation around your vulva and clitoris.

Share the fun with your partner and use the Frenchman on each other to build up arousal before sex.

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