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[TOUN28] Facial Soap
[TOUN28] Facial Soap - Clean Beauty Spot |  Natural Makeup & Organic Skincare Beauty Store
[TOUN28] Facial Soap - Clean Beauty Spot |  Natural Makeup & Organic Skincare Beauty Store
[TOUN28] Facial Soap - Clean Beauty Spot |  Natural Makeup & Organic Skincare Beauty Store
[TOUN28] Facial Soap - Clean Beauty Spot |  Natural Makeup & Organic Skincare Beauty Store

[TOUN28] Facial Soap

  • S11 Ceramide & Squalene
  • S9 Houttuynia Cordata & Centela
  • S1 Rose-Hip Oil

Product description

With the commitment to saving the environment, TOUN28 introduced the cruelty-free, plastic-free, and zero waste facial soaps that do not include harsh ingredients. I am extremely happy to host their products and to be able to present them to you - because right now you can take care of both: your skin and the environment. 

S1 Rose-Hip Oil: 

A facial soap bar that will now become your new cleanser. Thanks to low pH, it clears your skin from makeup and impurities without irritating the skin barrier. It is great for dry and sensitive skin.

S9 Houttuynia Cordata & Centella:

Acne-prone skin? Yeah, I feel you. I myself deal with rosacea, which is no fun, but S9 Facial Soap is a godsent gift that helps me fight the redness. This facial soap is concentrated with heartleaf and centella asiatica extract which help with soothing and regeneration. The aloe vera extract moisturizes your skin by balancing water-oil of your skin. Must Have!

S11 Ceramide & Squalene:

Do you feel your skin is weak and needs wrinkle solution and moisturization? You need to try the S11 TOUN28 Facial Soap loaded with ceramide responsible for reinforcing skin barrier. It assists in maintaining the water-oil balance of the skin and the micro bubbles developed with the secret prescription of TOUN28 removes the wastes softly.


It feels moist after using it. The moistness is not from soap residues, so rest assured.

Manufactured by pressing the soap doughs into a mold, so there may be cracks and splits while using it. It is expected and natural, but store it in dry nets or on trays that drain well.

Synthetic surfactant-free cleanser.

S1 Rose-Hip Oil: The hypoallergenic formula with rosehip oil, olive oil and sunflower oil moisturizes the skin and helps form a skin protection barrier.

S9 Houttuynia Cordata & Centella: Contains Houttuynia Cordata extract and Centella Asiatica extract that help sooth sensitive, irritated skin and help control sebum 

S11 Ceramide & Squalene: Contains Ceramide and Squalene that help strengthen the skin barrier and maintain the oil-moisture balance of the skin.


Lather up and massage gently over the face with the foam.

Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Place the soap at cool and dry places after use.


Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, sodium cocoyl apple amino acid, coconut oil, laurel leaf oil, castor seed oil, peanut oil, tamanu oil, graph oil, ceramide NP, kale leaf extract, bergamot oil, tocopherol.

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